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The real life behind your social media highlights is NOT what you want it to be, and your spending way too much time taking your own photos.

Let's get you back to focusing on the revenue building parts of your business, and we can get you the content you need to show up online.

We know you're the expert in your field. We know you want to serve your clients well and show up consistently for them. You simply need a guide to get you started and stay on track. 

Ready to be the Hero of your own Business?
Without the burden of creating all your own website images, social media content, and marketing images and films, you can instead dig in and work on making your business profitable and bonus - attract your dream clients while earning a living!

Wearing all the hats and juggling all the things...
Serving your clients endlessly and pouring your heart into your business, hoping to see growth, but getting stuck in the weeds of overwhelm.


Hey there business owner!

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Ready to get started?

We execute a stress-free photoshoot, directing each scene, so you feel confident that you're getting the shots you need.  Collaborating and Styling together.

Direct Shoot beginning to end


We work with you to style and strategize a well-organized plan for your shoot.  Including a shot list, timeline, prop list, production guide, source the things you need and more.



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We want to learn everything we can about you, your business and how we can serve your vision with engaging photos and videos.


about the process

How it Works


What is Brand Photography and Film?

We create a collection of images and video clips used to represent a person, business or product for marketing materials. This can include product photos, team headshots, social media and blog images and every picture you use for digital or print media.  All are completely catered to you and the goals your company has.

Will you tell me what to wear and do my makeup?

If you're finding yourself stumped on how best to style your wardrobe for your personal or business branding session, we can provide you with a personalized wardrobe consultation to help you with outfit planning on styling to attract your ideal customer.  Additionally, we highly encourage our clients to consider having one of our professional hair and makeup artists take the stress of "getting camera ready" off their plate.  We work with the best in the industry, all skilled in creating a natural look that reads well on camera.

Who does what during a shoot?

When you work with Girard Creative, you're getting the benefit of an entire team taking care of you.  Depending on the content we're creating for you, you'll likely see Britni directing and styling, taking lead as the primary photographer.  And when we're creating professional films for your brand, Jeremy will take the lead, while Britni styles the scenes and manages the set.  We divide and conquer and bring on assistance when needed to ensure your time is respected and your session goes smoothly.

How can I use my images and films?

We take time during your consultation to learn exactly what you are needing captured, how the photos or films will be used and determine what type of Service Agreement and Licensing you'll need, so you can use your new content as you see fit.

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We'd love to connect with you and hear ALL about your personal or business brand and share how we can serve you in a way that gets you SEEN by your ideal clients in a STRESS-FREE and fun experience.

let's change that.

Hey!  Are you ready to enhance your brand, but not sure where to start? 

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