7 Tips for Successful Brand Photo & Video Shoots

Find the RIGHT team to capture what you NEED

While I know lots of family and portrait photographers have the skills to take beautiful photos, it’s important to work with someone who has the expertise to strategize and plan your branding session from top to bottom.  

I’m guessing you’re wanting photos and films that will help you achieve your business goals and bring in your ideal clients (who can pay you what you’re worth)?  So it’s important to work with a team that understands the time investment leading up to the shoot, to get to know your brand on a real level.  Most portrait photographers will just show up and shoot, not really knowing what photos you’re hoping to get.  And sadly you’ll spend most of your time worrying about them getting the shots you need, then letting go and trusting the process.

Be Prepared

Take some time to put together an inspiration board.  Find IG accounts that you love and follow, pin images on Pinterest that inspire you.  Maybe you already have a mood board with brand colors and a shot list?  These are all great things to bring to your strategy session with your brand photographer.

Do you Need Specific Shots?

Working with your photographer on a shot list of images will ensure that you are getting the exact images you need.  Do you need images for your social media with negative space for you to overlay text?  Maybe vertical photos or video’s for your stories? Does your website need a horizontal image for a banner?  Getting really specific about your needs vs wants in photos can ensure you’re using your time with a photographer wisely.  Leaving enough time to fit in both!

10 types of branding photos every brand needs | Girard Creative | Brand Photography and Video Team based in Northern Colorado

What to Wear and When

Knowing exactly which outfits will work best in each “environment” or location is crucial to making the most out of your session.  We can work with our clients during a wardrobe consultation to put together outfits that work well with your brand and then determine which “look” will do best in each location. 

For example, your pant suit will probably be best in an office space. But before we commit, we need to know that the space will work aesthetically with your outfit. Nobody wants to be wearing a sharp red suit in boho inspired space with orange walls. So knowing the space and blending those with outfit options will be really helpful going in the day of the shoot.  I promise you don’t want to waste time asking what outfit to wear, when you could be using that time in-front of the camera getting even more content.

Choose A Location With Variety

Consider all the various environments you’d like to have images in when finding the perfect location. A singular studio could do the job in some cases, but if you’re a personal brand, chances are you want them to see you in a relatable environment. First consider what types of photos you need, and where those would naturally take place. Then you can start to search for a location that can encompass as many of them as possible.

Brand location brainstorming | Girard Creative | Brand photography and brand videos | Husband and wife team based in Colorado

Now before you start worrying about getting your house in tip top shape, as 3 kids follow behind you with a different goal. Many personal brands will opt to rent an Air BnB to accomplish this.

Be Ready to Move Quickly

Unlike a portrait session, there isn’t a lot of time shooting the same thing.  With a great shot list, we’re able to get the shot we need, snap additional photos from different angles and capture various details.  Then move on.  There is no need to have 10 shots of the same outfit in the same scene.  A brand photographers goal should be to create as much content for you as they can.  So we work hard to not overshoot.

Use Your Time Wisely 

(I bet you can see the trend here).  Time is everything.  So, make sure you go in with the main goal of having fun. And next would be to HUSTLE between scenes.  Sure, creating fun BTS for stories is fun, but remember that a brand photographer is there to create – FOR YOU.  So put that time to good use. 

While you’re changing outfits, we’re moving furniture and getting gear ready. But we can also be taking detail photos, styling flat lays, and capturing stock images that will enhance your brand.  So take time to consider what your tools of the trade are. Create a list of fun props you can use in scenes to connect more with your audience. Every shot doesn’t have to be of you behind a computer. (Even though we know that’s probably where you live). There’s never really “down time” for a brand photo and video team during your shoot. So help us make the most of it for you!


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