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5 Reasons You Need Professional Brand Photos

When you own a business, first impressions are critical! Did you know that the first impression most businesses make are usually based on their online presence? That’s why it’s so important to take your first impression seriously and use professional brand photos to connect with your customers! 

Photos and videos serve as your business’ handshake. Professional images allow potential customers to take a peek into your story, and this sets the tone so they know exactly what to expect from you! 

Like it or not, your visual marketing makes a big impact on your business. After just one look, a customer likely makes an immediate decision about whether or not they would like to work with you! No pressure, right?!

Picture it: You’re traveling out of town and realize you’re starving, so you pull up a list of local restaurants. One establishment jumps out at you. The food has rave reviews and it’s close by, so you eagerly point your car in that direction.

Unfortunately, you pull up to the front of the restaurant and the sidewalk is littered with trash. When you walk in, you notice the building is run down and the tables are dirty. Visually, that first impression is everything, and you’re just not convinced enough to give this one a try!  

Thankfully, that’s not your story! You know you have an amazing product that people would benefit from. Why not present it in a way it deserves!?

Why do you need professional branding images | Girard Creative - Colorado Brand Photography and Brand Films | Short Tern Rental Management Company Air BNB

1. It’s Worth Every Penny.

Quality photos and videos will inevitably increase your sales. It’s that simple! Professional branding photos will not only catapult your business to the next level, it signifies to customers that you’re the real deal. Businesses that aren’t in it for the long haul don’t make branding a priority. You’re not going anywhere, and your customers can count on your steady, reliable presence! 

2. Your Time is Valuable, But so is Your Business!

We get it. You’re running a business, and it doesn’t seem like there’s room on the calendar for a photo shoot. You have devoted so much time and effort into your business, so it’s time to show it off! We work with you to style and strategize a well-organized plan for your shoot. This includes a shot list, timeline, prop list, and production guide. We execute a stress-free photoshoot so you feel confident that you’re getting the shots you need! 

3. It’s a Customer’s Market 

Competition is fierce. Remote working is the trend, and more and more people are ditching their 9-5 job to start their own business. You’re competing against lots of other companies for the same customers. Marketing is everything, and there’s no better way to land customers for life than putting your best face forward with some fabulous branding photos. Show your customers that out of everyone they have to choose from, you’re the one who can serve them best!

4. Your Business Can’t Afford Not To! 

Between Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, the average user is constantly bombarded with images. Photography is more important than ever in the age of digital marketing and social media. Posts on social media with eye-catching photos receive up to 40% more engagement than posts with just text!

40% Y’ALL!! That’s insane.

5. Every Business Owner Needs Intentional Branding Photos.

Branding photos aren’t just for actors! Maybe you’re an artist, a trainer, or a speaker? To increase engagement and make meaningful connections with your audience or client, you need high-quality, on-brand images that tell your unique story and authentically connect to your tribe.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a strong online presence with consistent and captivating visual content can literally transform your brand. People want to trust their nutritionist, life coach, or designer and feel like they know them personally. Investing in personal branding photography will help make connections and lead to higher profits in your business.

If you’ve considered getting professional branding photos, don’t put it off any longer. It’s time to take your business to the next level! We’d love to connect with you.

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