United Airlines Captain Branding Session

So many of life’s milestones are celebrated with professional photographs. From births to graduations to weddings, quality images help capture the moments worth celebrating. So why would retirement be any different!? Taking brand photos is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the culmination of a successful career.

Kevin Girard has been a pilot for United Airlines for 33 years. As the Captain of the 787 Dreamliner, he took the final flight of his career this September. To commemorate this incredible achievement, he asked us to capture photos that would not only reflect this farewell, but also mark the beginning of a new chapter. It was a joy to take on the task of creating his brand photos! 

We couldn’t wait to get some great headshots and “behind the scenes” photos and video of Kevin on his plane while it was at Denver International Airport. Because of the way flight schedules work, we had no advanced notice of when his plane would be available. We knew this would leave us with a very narrow window of time to capture Kevin in his element. So when we got the call that the plane was there and we had clearance, we raced to find childcare and made it happen! 

As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were escorted by an amazing rep from United Airlines. Thankfully, we were able to capture some great images in the cockpit, but because the flight arrived after its designated time, we only had a few minutes to work with! What would have typically been a 30-45 minute shoot quickly dissolved into about 15 minutes. It’s a good thing we work well under pressure!  

Once we walked onto the Tarmac, we understood why earplugs are a requirement! It was a bit challenging to give directions over the sound of the engines, but we got really good at inventing our own hand signals and managed to capture some epic shots. 

One of our goals is to help you realize that you have a huge impact on the world. Your career is a monumental part of your life, and saying farewell is an important milestone that should absolutely be celebrated! These images tell the story of Kevin’s dedication and faithful service during his time as a pilot. And honestly? It’s proof that it’s never too late in your career to take brand photos!

  1. Shirley Audette says:

    These are amazing. Kevin you look even more like your dad. So glad you’ve had such a great adventure with a career you’ve loved.

  2. Walter Plumley says:

    Thanks for sharing this special time with us!! You have certainly had a very fulfilling career with its many ups and downs(couldn’t resist), and all the places you’ve seen and been, even sharing those wonderful pictures of your memories with us! Best of luck Kevin in you’re next chapter of life!!

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